Why Trump’s Twitter Attacks Against Federal Judge Who Blocked The Muslim Travel Ban Should Trouble Every American Citizen

Trump's attack against Judge James Robart are the actions of a would be dictator

It is pretty clear at this point that no matter who the individual du jour may be that disagrees with President Trump, he will attack and discredit stated individual (or organization, country, etc.).  This should come as no surprise anymore from a President that went to war with his own intelligence community and has done everything in his power to delegitimatize the free press as “fake news” and “the opposition party.”

The attack on a federal judge who is an integral component to our government’s system of checks and balances to ensure that no one branch of government over reaches its power, should be especially troubling to Americans.  Judge James Robart is by all accounts a highly respected judge who was appointed by George W Bush and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate 99-0.  Yet because he ruled in favor of Washington State’s suit challenging the executive order, Trump has turned his Twitter vengeance against him denigrating Judge Robart as a “so-called judge” and described the judge’s order as “ridiculous.”

Members of Trump’s own party broke with the President’s disdain for the judiciary branch and his tantrum against a federal judge including Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) who rejected President Trump’s attack on the federal judge who halted his travel ban, saying there are only “real judges,” not “so-called judges.”  Many on both side of the isle see these attacks against a federal judge appointed by a conservative administration who had spent a career as a mainstream Republican corporate lawyer prior to his appointment by President Bush, as an attack on the Judiciary itself.

These are the actions of a would be dictator, someone who seeks absolute, unchallenged authority and power, the very thing that the Founders took pains to prevent having risked everything, including their lives and the lives of their families, to oppose the dictatorial authority of King George.  This is not a mere example of “straight talk” or Trump just “doing things differently,” as his blind faithful will continue to assert no matter what Trump says or does.  Make no mistake, in Trump’s rapidly growing list of affronts to the integral working of our democracy, this is by far the most chilling..and we are only in week 3 of his Presidency.

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