Trump May Think Of Himself As A Genius But His Congressional GOP Colleagues Do Not Share His Opinion

Donald Trump The Stable Genius

Trump proudly declared on Twitter that he is nothing short of a genius.  Well, it was not quite like that after he first called himself “…like, really smart,” then later added, “…not smart, but genius, and a very stable genius at that.”  Let’s for a moment try to overlook the extremely sad narcissistic nature of any man feeling the need to proclaim himself to be a genius and the very UN-genius sentences he used to express what a genius he believes himself to be, and focus on what his peers think about his assessment of his glaringly high intellect.

It is pretty clear what democrats think of Trump’s so called genius, so let’s just focus on his congressional GOP colleagues when asked if they believed Trump to be the genius he believed himself to be when asked by the press:

Senator Jerry Moran (Kansas)

“Got nothing.”

Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina)

“I’m not commenting on anything.”

Senator John Thune (South Dakota)

“He obviously was just responding to the book, and I think he’s just egging you guys on.”

Representative Roger Williams (Texas)

“I don’t really know what that means, I mean the fact of the matter is that he was very successful in business, been elected President of the United States, excuse me that’s a lot of success but the word genius?”

Senator Richard Shelby (Alabama)

“There are not many geniuses, depending on how you describe them.”

Senator Jeff Flake (Arizona)

“No comment.”

Representative Carlos Curbelo (Florida)

“I would never call myself that.  It’s not my style. But you know these characteristics that people were complaining about and some of the President’s antics — it’s not new.”

Senator Bill Cassidy (Louisiana)

“I wish he would tweet less, but that’s his style.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)

“I think this: If he doesn’t call himself a ‘genius,’ nobody else will.”

It seems Trump’s GOP colleagues do not share his confidence in his genius.  In Trump’s world, however, it really does not matter what they think, only what he thinks.  He is a genius after all.

*All Congressional GOP quotes in this article provided by CNN




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