Media Coverage of Trump’s Televised Bipartisan Immigration Meeting Illustrates How Low The Bar Is Set For This President

Trump Bipartisan Immigration Meeting

The concept of having public negotiations on legislation involving such a hot button issue like immigration is actually pretty cool  If only it was done for little else than to help resurrect President Trump’s image after a year of chaos, constant lies, incompetence, lack of coherent messaging, frighteningly insane tweets, and a book that painted a very unflattering picture of the President.   Nonetheless, whatever the intention, it was quite nice to see this and to see the President seeming to actually be engaged in and sincerely seeking a deal on immigration.

On the other hand, the media coverage of the meeting was both a bit sad and a bit amusing.  Fox News, of course, showered Trump with praise ad nauseam as further proof that the book Fire and Fury has no basis in reality, as the President has clearly showed what a great leader he is by being able to prove that he can hold one meeting on important policy.  While they laid it on extra heavy in the aftermath of the meeting, it is hardly unusual for Fox News to shower Trump with praise no matter what he does, however incoherent or abysmal an action, tweet, or statement he makes.  With the exception of Shepard Smith, the Fox News network serves little other purpose than being Trump’s surrogate and steadfast defender.

However, even CNN and MSNBC got in on the action of praising the President for his meeting both in their news articles and on the air.  Granted, news organizations should be balanced and offer credit where credit is due, but the degree to which various political commentators went out of the way to praise the President went to a higher level than typical praise a President would typically receive when he has done something well, especially something as mundane as successfully holding a meeting.

Of course, this was not lost on Trump himself who spent the first couple of minutes of his next cabinet meeting to point out how well the cable news outlets portrayed his handling of the immigration meeting.  While any President would likely have not spent any time on media reporting (and simply silently enjoyed the kind words), our narcissist in chief had to smugly tell his cabinet and the American people all about it.

At first, I got the impression that the news outlets, even pundits and political commentators that are highly critical of the President, were just desperate for anything point out that the leader of the most powerful nation on earth is capable of at least on occasion showing real leadership.  On further reflection, especially in seeing Trump’s response to the media praise, I came to the conclusion that it was actually more akin to dealing with a child with positive reinforcement, something like, “Good boy Mr. President, great meeting.  See what you can do when you put your mind to it?  We are so proud of you.  Great job!”

My oh my has the bar for the office of the President of the United States reached an all time low.

Oh, but the honeymoon was not to last.  This is Donald J Trump after all!  Early this morning in the backdrop of the vote on FISA surveillance, the President treated Congress and the American people to a tweet that completely contradicted the position of GOP leadership and the White House in favor of the bill because over night, he somehow got the notion that FISA was responsible for the wire tapping of his campaign by the Obama administration (which never actually happened outside of Trump’s imagination).

But this latest tweet is another topic for another article.  The one consistent thing we can count on with this President is never experiencing a lack of things to talk or write about.

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