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Donald Trump: Victim In Chief

Watching Donald Trump’s campaign rallying in Phoenix, Arizona, one may forget that a young woman just tragically lost her life standing up against racism, bigotry, and white supremacy; to white supremacist that was so...

Donald Trump: Liar In Chief! 1

Donald Trump: Liar In Chief!

Throughout his campaign, as President Elect, and in his first 60 days as President, Donald Trump has unrelentingly communicated (via Tweet, interview, and speeches) accusations, “facts,” statistics, and all forms of information  that have...

The Resurgence Of Fascism In The Trump Presidency 0

The Anatomy Of Fascism And The Donald Trump Presidency

Fascism in the socioeconomic sense is a strong authoritarian government working in concert with, and to the mutual benefit of corporations.  This is the extreme right to the communist extreme left. In both extremes citizens give up rights...